Coffee Conversations


// Bethany //

Something I'm Making: Right now I'm working on a photo album of the past couple years. I really love having photos printed but haven't really known what to do with them. I didn't want to make a scrapbook, and a lot of them are instax (polariod type photos) so they don't fit in an average photo album. I got a large leather photo book that just has thick cardstock pages, and taped the photos in with washi tape across the corners. It's just simple and I love having it to flip though all of those memories! 

Something I'm Craving: Ever since being pregnant I've really loved pancakes! I was never really a pancake person before, and If I did have them I would just eat them plain, no butter, no syrup. But nowww I load them up with all the good toppings, the more syrup the better! I really could eat them at every meal. I cannot wait to head to IHOP for Pumpkin Pancakes, if you haven't tried them... oh my goodness. You will die! 

Something Funny:  This person trying so hard to play the 20th Fox Intro on the recorder

My Favourite Cafe Combo:  Tegan and Lindsay both have way more "Cafe Combo" knowledge than I do. I don't really drink coffee, and I can't eat most baking because I'm allergic to nuts and I feel like a jerk to make them flip through every page in the ingredient binder. When I go to Starbucks I order an apple cider, and a cake pop, me and every 13 year old girl in line. One of my favourite things at Starbucks is and Iced Black Tea Sweetened, ask for it with room for cream (they will look at you like you're insane) and then add half and half. Mmmm it's so yummy. 



// Tegan //
Something I'm Making: 
I'm working on a little bedside light project at the moment, I picked up some light socket things at the Ikea as-is section a few weeks ago, and i think i'm going to try and fit them into a rope because they're red and don't match our room! I   pinned something similar on Pinterest I'm going to try and copy!
 Something I'm Craving: Lately I'm craving tea all day! I am a coffee drinker at heart, I 'm a big fan, but I think this is because I was sick last week and whenever I get sick I drink fluids all day every day which usually means rooibos tea. Maybe it's also because of the cold weather all of a sudden; but all day everyday I am drinking a really great amount of tea, and I'm a bit addicted to Tim Hortons apple cinnamon tea, it's amazing.
 Something Funny:  I always think it's the funniest thing when people mix up lyrics in songs, we were listening to the new John Mayer this week and Dan thought the lyric was "it's not a vacation if i lose you to the eiffel" and dan though it was "it's not a vacation if i lose you to the iphone." i though that was pretty funny.

 My Favourite Cafe Combo: Definitely a latte and a croissant. Or if I can pick the ultimate combo it would be a cappuccino & croissant from Greens - which is a cafe that was right across from the shop I worked at when we were in Perth...whenever I worked the morning shift opening the store that was my go to comfort morning pick-me-up. Perfect combo. 


// Lindsay //
Something I'm Making: Lately I have been obsessed with finding circle picture frames and putting galaxy photos in it and hopefully, eventually flooding my walls with the universe.
 Something I'm Craving: Anything other than eggs. My fridge has been slammed with 7 dozen eggs between 5 people who live in the house.. I have no idea how that happened but all I have been eating is eggs eggs eggs.
 Something Funny: On tour, my friend Benjamin found a shirt at value village that said "Milk River" on it. He insisted on buying it and was so excited about his purchase, it was his new dream and desire to visit milk river. He then tried to convince the band to go there and we all shot down his dreams trying to make him realize we are in Alberta and visiting "Milk River" will probably be a huge mistake and there surely will not be a river flowing of pure fresh milk that you can dip your Oreos in. I know this sounds really weird. The crazy thing is that I met a girl this weekend in Vancouver randomly at a friends show, and we got to talking about what she did and where she lived. She said she was from Calgary, but technically a small town called "Milk River, you've probably never heard of it" I stopped her mid sentence and freaked. My mind was blown. My friend Benjamin's mind was blown. One of those crazy moments where you realize this world is smaller than you think. Whether or not milk river is really based around a river where farmers are milking their cows into.. You should all visit it. It is a land flowing of milk and honey.

My Favorite Cafe Combo: One of my all time favourite things to do, is go to a new cafe, get a coffee misto with honey.. And a chocolate croissant. Had my first one in Montreal a few years ago and I have been hooked. Also muffins are one of my favourite food so sometimes it can be a verrrrry hard decision