MAC Lipstick Comparison


These are our top 4 lipstick picks from MAC Cosmetics. We each tried on the same shades so that you could see them compared on different skin tones and against different hair & eye colours. Buying lipstick can always be a bit of a gamble since they don't really let you try it on properly, and who really feels comfortable staring at their lips for ten minutes trying to make a decision with sales girls hovering over your shoulder... This is what the lipsticks look like outside of the tube and we recommend them all! 1. Chili 2. Hang Up 3. Candy Yum-Yum 4. So Chaud


So Chaud is my all time favourite lipstick! I bought it almost 2 years ago, wear it regularly and will definitely not grow tired of it. I'm a fan of the bold red lip, and how it can dress up any look. So Chaud is great for my skin tone because it has such an orangey tint and it's super matte which I love! *Tip: If you use MAC Painterly as a primer then the colour of your lips wont affect the lipstick colour, it's also makes it last way longer!



I chose Hang up as my favourite pick. I am not a huge lipstick person, maybe because i have huge lips and it feels so bold whenever I throw a wack of colour on them. I thought the pink was hard for me to pull off with my light hair and love red lips but usually will only put some on for an evening outing. I liked the purple as a more unique daily look, but mixed it in with chap stick so it wasn't as bold.




I love bright lips! I've just started being comfortable wearing lipstick lately, it's so much fun! I love wearing bright pinks and reds, this one was my favourite pick because it is so bright and fun! I love pink lips with simple make up and a simple outfit, i think it just ties it all together, the only downside is Dan won't kiss me with lipstick on, oh well... I love Mac matte lipsticks, they stay on so well, I'm starting the process of replacing my lipsticks with natural products and it's tricky, they just dont stay on as well or go on as thick, our lovely friend Garcy gave us some beautiful lipstick crayons that are organic and natural and I've been loving them, my collection is slowly grow!

- Tegan