Coffee Conversations // Autumn Farm Day

These photos are from when we were in the fields at Krauss Berry Farms. It's so cute there and so obviously we couldn't help but stop to take some pictures!  Also, thanks for all of your question suggestions! Keep them comin!


My Autumn & Winter essentials: Thick socks, warm tights, giant cozy sweaters, MANY sweaters. For those of you who may think you can never have enough sweaters.. I beg to differ. I think I do have too many. Also, anything pumpkin to eat/drink and EGGNOG!! 

My favourite blogs: Love Taza, Bleubird, and I love keeping up with our friends Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

The first autograph I got: My first ever autograph was Pluto.. at Disneyland. I was a bit upset because I really wanted Simba's autograph and when I got there I realized he was only in the Parade.. and he didn't look real at all. So sad. My first music autograph was Relient K.. a Christian contemporary band back in my middle school days, but boy was the crowd rowdy! They started swaying during "Sadie Hawkins Dance" and I nearly got trampled, scariest moment of my life ;)

A favourite place I've been: There are a few moments so far in my life that I narrow down into "This is the best moment of my life" category. The places/moments that come to mind were 1. New Zealand- My friend Claire and I drove all around the North island for 3 weeks and went to 90 mile beach, a beach where you can drive on the sand for hours, so cool.. we drove then to the tip of the island to a lighthouse where we watched the sunset & sunrise. 2.Switzerland with my friend Elaine, we went to Geneva, and spent the day out in the sun on this cemented pier that went way out into the water, it was magical! 3. Antelope Island in Utah, went there on tour with the boys in my band and saw Buffalo and floated in the Salt Lake 



My Autumn & Winter essentials: I would have to go with a good pair of boots. I just (accidentally) bought a pair of L.L.Bean duck boots off of ebay that I am So excited about! I was really needing a good pair of rain boots because I was getting drenched to the bone whenever i would walk in the rain (which is a lot these days, I mostly use public transit) I'm excited for it to start raining again so I can wear them, they're so comfortable too which is a bonus! Next on my list would be a good cup of tea, I drink lots of nettle tea this time of year, it helps keep the cold bugs away.

My favourite blogs: My top three go-to blogs are Love Taza, Bleubird, and  A Beautiful Mess, I love keeping up with my favourite mommy-bloggers, and ABM just inspire creativity. I also love reading all my friends blogs, 

The First Autograph I Got:   Other than Minnie Mouse in my Disneyland Autograph book, it would probably be all of the members of Thousand Foot Krutch. They were my favorite band in middle school. I went to way too many of their shows, and I even think I had an autographed poster of them hanging in my

A favourite place I've been: A favourite place I've been: This is a really hard question! I think for me it's not necessarily about the place but the memory that is tied along with it. If we are going for most beautiful place, it would be this one local beach we went to on our honeymoon in Mexico, where there was a fresh water river full of tropical fish that flowed into the ocean, we would spend all day there snorkelling, swimming and tanning. My other favourite would be a place we camped in on our Aussie road trip, it was in part of the "great australia bite" where it looked like the edge of the world just dropped down into the ocean and you could see for miles to your left and right the cliffy coastline... We parked our van in a rest stop looking out over the ocean and watched the most beautiful sunset, and then then stars that night were just the clearest I have ever seen them.



// Bethany //  

My Autumn & Winter essentials:  Chai Tea with milk and sugar - It's so comforting, seasonal tasting, and gives me a little caffeine when I need it on early dark mornings. 

My favourite blogs: I listed a few of my favourite blogs a couple weeks ago... I shared Bleubird, Sincerely Jules, and Design Love Fest, those are the blogs that inspire me daily! I also love to keep up to date with Skunkboy and Kelli Murray. And if I'm looking for new make up tips, or searching for beauty products I will usually end up on Maskcara

The first autograph I got:  When I was in grade 4 there was a boy in my class who's mom was working on the movie "Saved" in our area, and so he brought me Mandy Moore's autograph one day as a present and I was soooo excited. 

A favourite place I've been:  I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna really blow your minds and say Hawaii ;) I know I know, everyone loves hawaii... But theres a darn good reason. It's the freaking best. It's hot, it beautiful, there is practically no concept of time, there are dolphins and turtles. The list goes on... At least once a day my husband and I talk about hawaii. We would really love to take a trip there late this february (preferably Waikiki) So if you have any sweet deals to share, please do!