Blogging... Where do I start?

We recieve a lot of lovely emails readers that we really appreciate, and we've found that a lot of you are curious about how to go about blogging. What do you need to learn...? buy...? Here a couple of things we've found helpful over the past year of this adventure. 

-Blog what you love. Find your posts from your own creativity and passions, everyone appreciates original content!

-Take photos! If you don't a good camera, use your phone, just take lots! It's always nice when you sit down to create a post and have lots to choose from! 

-Give credit, you would want it too! 

-Plan ahead. Plan your weeks, or even months posts ahead of time so you can have quality posts that aren't scrambled together at the last minute.

-Introduce yourself, people want to know the person behind the screen. 

-Get involved, meet other bloggers, collaborate, be friendly! 

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