Coffee Conversations

// Bethany //

Something inspiring my stylus pen. Haha really, it makes me feel like I can draw and handwrite. So I've been practicing and getting better, yay!

Something I'm listening to Ellie Goulding. I know, I know. I've already talked about her (a few times) but it's the truth. I've had that album on repeat. I tried to think of something different to say, But I'd be lying.

Something disturbing crying during the bachelor. Enough said.

Something new

I have a new love for everything black & white. I've been spray painting everything, buying black & white magazines, wearing black & white. I go through phases a lot.

// Tegan //

Something inspiring fresh ginger tea. I've been making it daily, with a little bit of honey, perfection.

Something I'm listening to Bethany got me hooked on Ellie...I've had her album on repeat for the last few days!

Something disturbing the mouse droppings I found in the bottom cupboard of our bathroom...I think they were there before we moved in...eek...still...

Something new Dan's been away this week for work and it's the first time we've been apart in over a year! (crazy, I know, Australia was so much together time) I survived! he's home tomorrow and I haven't been more excited to see him in a long time, so i'm very happy.

// Lindsay //

Something inspiring This is really lame, but the other day I ate onions, yes.. I ate onions on my tacos. My friend took me to La Taqueria Taco Shop in Vancouver, and they served me tacos with tons of onions on it. I hate onions, I ate the onions, and I LOVED THE ONIONS. This was an inspiring day for me. When I eat something I have not liked (or hated) in the past, and enjoy it...I get REALLY excited. It is exciting (in this case inspiring) when your tastebuds change is it not? I feel like less of a child.

Something I'm listening to On three different impressionable occasions I heard the song "Lost in the Light" by Bahamas and the song took me aback all three times. Great song.

Something disturbing All of my shoes have been falling apart, even as I walk. Literally the other day I tripped over something and a man stopped me in the street to point at the sole of my shoe I had left behind 5 steps ago. What does this mean? I dont know, it probably means I shouldnt buy $5 dollar used shoes from the thrift store. Yes. That is what it means.

Something new For the first time in years I have been searching my house for hair elastics and bobby pins. This is VERY exciting. It means I have decided to grow out my hair (WOO) for those who have had short hair in the past you know the excitement this brings when you can finally wear your hair in a tiny, ridiculous, stubby bun. I actually had no hair elastics so I asked my guy roommate whose hair is longer than mine, and he gave me his ONE shiny blue hair elastic he got from the dollar store (reminded me of Blades of Glory HA). True roommate love.