Coffee Conversations

Coffee Conversations is a new series where we can each have the chance to share a little bit about our week with you! Feel free to share something inspiring, disturbing, new, or something your listening to with us below! 

// Tegan //

Something inspiring The sun has kept me going this week, in our new place we have a little peek-a-boo mountain view and when the sun's out I can't stop admiring them. I really missed the mountains while i was in Australia.

Something I'm listening to Middle East; a band I just discovered...i'm in love

Something disturbing How many shoes I have. I've spent the last week unpacking and am actually feeling a little overwhelmed by how many shoes just kept coming out of those boxes. It's a problem. 

Something new I just got an iPhone 5 and I'm in love. I can't get over how good the pictures look especially coming from the 3gS

// Lindsay //

Something inspiring Sharing new and old songs on an acoustic guitar with close friends. 

Something I'm listening to I have been listening to Andy Shauf's album 'The Bearer of Bad News' almost every morning at my coffee shop. Beautiful and perfect early morning music. 

Something disturbing The amount of Yam fries I have consumed 

Something new I got a POG electro-harmonix guitar pedal for Christmas and I am finally finding time to use it! Very exciting.

// Bethany //

Something inspiring I've been reading Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis. Inspriring doesn't even begin to describe, that man's mind blows me away. 

Something I'm listening to My husbands band has been working on a new album, so I've been listening to a lot of the mixes! 

Something disturbing The amount of chocolate from christmas in our cupboard. Don't worry, the stash is getting smaller prettttyyy quickly! 

Something new I finally found my dream boots! (In wednesdays post) they're just simple, but I've been on the hunt for a while.