In my make up box

Some of you have asked about my make up and beauty products, So here they are! These are my everyday essentials, and my favourites that are always sitting in my make up box. 

1. Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair // This is about my millionth time mentioning this product on the blog, its because I love it! It's a dry shampoo, that smells amazing, and works great! I get alot of email asking where you can purchase this; Kevin Murphy products ares sold in salons only, so contact a salon near you to see if they carry it!

2. Scott Barnes Body Bling // This is a product that Scott Barnes created for JLO,  It's why her skin always looks absolutely percect and shiny. I only use this for special occasions, but it adds such a nice glow and little bit of a tan. (I have only found this product online!)

3. Moroccan Oil // Add the tiniest bit of this to your hair while its damp, and it will make it feel like silk! 

4. L'oreal Carbon Black liquid liner // I like this one becuase it has a brush rather than felt tip, kind of like a nail polish bottle. It also lasts a long time without smudging, if it get rubbed off it flakes rather than smears, which I prefer! 

5. MAC Painterly // I use this for a base coat on my lips, eyes, and even as a concealer. When my friend who is a MAC make up artist saw me put this on my lips she was a little shocked, but It does the trick for me! 

6. Clinique Pressed Powder Bronzer in "Sunblushed" // I use bronzer instead of blush, I apply it to my cheeks and T-zone. I like this one because I a little bit rosey, and long lasting! 

7. MAC Lipstick in "So Chaud" // This is my favourite, I got it last spring and have worn it close to everyday. I love lipstick, and this is the perfect orangey red!