Instaweek // Fashion & Fall



1. Treasures and Travels was invited to Blog at Vancouver Fashion Week 

2. Bethany Instagrammin' the night

3. It felt like Fall today! Went for a walk down my favourite driveway, the one I grew up on!

4. Bethany and I (linds) photographed our lovely friend Brittany for our new Style Inspiration posts!

5. I have been eating so much Yummy granola from last weeks Mmmonday! 

6. Making dinner with friends always somehow turns the kitchen floor into a dance floor

7. Tegan & I are blessed with the most beautiful twin nieces, here is one Shreddin.

8. This man always visits me at the thrift store I work at, I always think hes my husband visiting me from the future.

9. My friend Steve & I went on an adventure in Chinatown! This man gave us a free tea party.

10. Hanging out in the exotic gardens in Chinatown.