Tips & Tricks // Messy Hair


Messy is my favourite way to wear my hair, when its all soft and silky it just doesn't feel right on my head! These are a couple tips that help me achieve that look, whether you want to wear it up or down.

1. Dirty hair // the dirtier the hair, the easier to work with. Holds shape a lot better!

2. Dry shampoo // dirty is good. Greasy is not. My favourite is Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair! Spray it into the roots, bangs, and don't forget the crown, you might not see the back of your head but everyone else does!

3. Backcomb //  my comb is my bestfriend. Backcomb under the roots all around the head. I will also add some random backcombing all throughout the hair just to give it some extra mess and grit. Don't be afraid to go crazy, start out looking like a lion then you can tame it down from there.

4. Hairspray // Hairspray your hair before you style it. You don't want that frozen look at the end. But you do want your hair to have some "stick" to help it hold.

5. Pieces // having defined pieces of the hair either pulled back or hanging down, keeps you from looking like you have a furry helmut on your head. Put your hair loosely in a bun or pony tail, then pull out pieces around the face, and around the neck. Pull out big chunks, and pin up the pieces you dont want down. Try twisting the pieces before you pin them to keep them seperate from the rest of the hair adding dimension.

Have fun with it // play around, be creative! 

any questions??