Meet Bethany

We've added to our about me pages 20 random facts about ourselves, we just thought it was a fun way for you to know a few more things about who we are! So, here's mine! 

1. I go as long as possible without washing my hair

2. I was conviced I was going to be Mrs. Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

3. I will eat sour candy till my tongue bleeds

4. My favourite genre of Movie is Hilary Duff

5. I rearrange my house weekly

6. I only like green bananas

7. When someone offers me something I always say no thanks, even if I want it

8. I very dramaticaly and loudly sing songs out of key

9. I can lick my nose

10. I don't read instructions, and usually do things wrong

11. I wanted to grow up and be a bus driver

12. I love baking, and have always wanted a bakery

13. I'm 5' 6". Nothing crazy, just a fact.

14. I'm really into plants right now. But, used to find them so tacky.

15. I dreamt of marrying a musician since I was 11, and I did!

16. I've had a list of baby names in my phone for the last 5 years, I cant wait to actually use one.

17. I got baptized in the ocean on a snowy day, it was beautiful.

18. David and I met in blockbuster

19. Octopodes (pretty cool plural eh?) are my favourite animal

20. Me, my sis & her husband, and my parents all have houses on the same block.