meet lindsay

1. I have really big tonsels.. (im serious, you'd be surprised)

2. My favorite food is Cauliflower & Cheese sauce 

3. I go through weird obsessions (Currently its outerspace & mermaids.. last year it was tigers)

4. When I go through weird obsessions I usually get it tattood on my body

5. I have a Tiger tattoo.

6. I played the French horn in middle school. I was pretty embarrassed. Now I play it once n a while in my band. (still feel like a nerd due lack of confidence in that-awkward-grade-7-stage)

7. Public pools have always made me feel uncomfortable. (naked old women showering/ old men in speedos..etc)

8. Ice cream trucks still make me (i)scream. 

9. I always have a toy in my pocket. i.e Bouncy ball, slinky, anything shiny

10. I almost always have holes in my pockets (always losing my toys)

11. I want to learn how to make boots. (I WILL learn how to make boots)

12. I once stole a stop sign

13. Tegan and I grew up with llamas in our backyard.. and our dad always chasing them in his undies because they would always escape.

14. I am extremely sentimental. If you picked up a rock on the ground and told me it reminded you of me, I would probably keep it forever. 

15. I love anything 3D. Like old planners they would give you in elementry school. So cool, amiright?!

16. My favorite place on EARTH is my Childhood house. A Big Pink House. Which unfortunately remains only in my memories! (que sad/sentimental music)

17. I LOVE receiving a good piece of love-stuffed mail. Who doesn't though..? 

18. My perfume is called "hypnotic poison".. so.. watch out! 

19. The only pet Ive really owned (other than a halfadozen cats that would get killed by coyotes in our yard) was a hermit crab. It didnt like me much.

20. I like ears! I mean, I think they look cool.