Instaweek // busy bees


1. winter makes pretty shadows
2. worked lots this week, took lots of trains & buses = read so much harry potter. *joy* 
3. bad news. little did i know this would be the last time i was welcomed at the train station by this beautiful sight. i got a call from dan on wednesday telling me she gave up, they had to tow her from the city to home, betty died. probably not worth fixing, the clutch is long gone. such a sad day.
4. we had a cocktal party! so much fun, ended in singalong covers.
5. i cut dan's hair! so scary, that was a first for me, we googled pictures of pretty boys and then i did my best, it ended up better than the bowlcut the hairdresser in the mall gave him, so points for me!
6. results. what a stud.
7. we're tracking! dan's been playing with a friends nord all week making amazing 60's synth sounds. so excited.
8. an etsy treat! i bought these a week ago and they're already here! goodies from hello love


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