Instaweek>end< // Betty & Birthday

1. betty! our beast of a van who is still going sort of strong.
2. my view of perth walking to work from the train station.
3. we got our road trip sessions printed up! so fun.
4. I made cases for them with maps. Similar to this.
5. betty influenced bunting for the show we played last weekend!
6. brthday breakfast yesterday morning! I got so spoiled by dan!
7. winter walk on the beach. 
8. aquarium fun birthday surprise.
9. this guy liked me.
10. a new purse! like i said, i got so so spoiled for my birthday, i feel so lucky to have such amazing friends. plus dan took me shopping, and i had birthday money. seriously, i haven't shopped since i've been in australia, it was insanely fun. he found all the best vintage shops in perth, with help from his super vintage savvy cousin. it was a dream! and he didn't complain! he held clothes for me, convinced me to buy everything i mentioned liking. it was the best.  


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