Corners of the home


I thought I would do a post on some rooms around my house when it was completely set up, but it has been a year since we've moved in and I don't think it will ever be done! I'm in a constant state of changing it, daily. So here are some pictures from around the house at the state it is in now! 

LOVE succulents, these ones are from my garden! The cilantro is one of my cooking herbs that I have hung on the kitchen wall. 

We had a really old dead tree in our yard that we got cut down this winter, as you can tell it was pretty big and old! we counted the rings, I think it was about 80 or so years old. I rolled some of the outrageously heavy stumps into the house, to use as a coffee table, and a side table.

oh sid, my baby. This is his favourite spot, we tried to keep him off the couches but we let him on this one because he just loves it. David and I got this couch at a thrift store when we were engaged and it sat in storage for over a year, it finally made it into the family room this spring!

David bought me this print from zgallerie for my birthday a couple years ago.

Our wedding was somewhat "antler themed" so we had a lot of antlers after, most of which are now spread around the house.

The hall of fame! Once again, something from the wedding. So nice to have photos of all our friends in our home!