Tutorial // Braided Crown


I wore my hair like this to a bridal shower tonight, and the girls were asking me if it was my actual hair and how to make it wrap all the way around! So... I thought, tutorial! (quite similar to the braidmaid style I posted, but this one goes all the way around the head)

1. Divide hair into 4 sections, seperating the front from the back on either side.

2. Braid each section starting close to the root, 4 braids total, and look like a crazy person (or me at age 12)

3. Pull the end of one braid to the beginning of the next braid, going in the same direction all around the head

4. Bobby pin the end of each braid into the start of the braid beside it. Be sure to hide those bobby pins so that it looks like one braid all the way around!! 

any questions?