Mmm Monday // Avacado Basil Smoothie

This was delicoius! Dan came home from work and I found out his lunch consisted of a Nutella sandwich and chocolate cake (seriously, I try to feed him real food) I found a recipe on Pinterest and whipped up something yummy with a little nutrition....

1 small avacado
handful of basil
1 can of coconut milk
1 cup of frozen pineapple (I didn't have time to freeze it so added ice also)
a squeeze of agave nectar or honey

it's yummy, and the texture is amazing because of the coconut milk, it's very frothy! I'd throw in some mint if I had it, that would be good too!

p.s. how amazing are those massive pots of basil! Dan's brother is a garden genius and has SO much fresh basil, cilantro, and heaps of other's amazing!