Instaweek // Parks & Sun

A few shots taken this week via Instagram (Username: teganmarguerite) if you want to follow!

We got a few gorgeous days in Perth this week, which worked out well for my cousin who had her insanely cute engagement party in the park. It was gorgeous, dozens of blankets and pillows and picnic paskets full of goodies and food. It was so perfect. I've been job hunting which isn't so easy when I'm stuck at home without a car, so I had a few nice walks to the mall to hand out resumes. Dan and I got to have a few park dates which was so fun, we practiced some tunes, wrote a few, planning some exciting things for the next few months (I made us a facebook page, so if you want to follow along, I would love that. (just click here). I made some galaxy pants for my cousin's 'crazy pants' party, and had a lunch date with Oma & Opa and my gorgeous cousin Bek who is having a baby in October which is super exciting for all the family over here!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! xo