DIY // Moose Skull



I went on tour across Canada in the fall with my band, Behind Sapphire. One of the days we woke while it was still dark and decided to get an early start toward Ottawa! I took the keys so the boys could sleep (they were up all night playing James Bond Goldeneye) It was one of the most amazing drives. The sun coming up on the highway and hitting the snow on both sides of the road making it glow.. Although there were 4 boys snoozin in the van, it felt like it was just me and God. Its in times like these when the words of old sweet Hymns really resonate within me. Words like "It is well with my soul" "then sings my soul my saviour God to thee, How great thou art" "Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace, waves of mercy never ceasing"





As I was driving I drove past this CRAZY Skull just sticking out of the ground. I was SO excited. I pulled over, jumped out, and yanked it out of the snow. The boys woke up and were surprisingly grossed out by it. 

It has taken me a few months to get it out and cleaned up, but here it is! So, if you ever come across a skull on the side of the road, this is what you can do, haha!  

As you can see it was SUPER dirty.. i kept it in a garbage bag until i was ready to clean it and tried not to touch it. First I hosed it down, so that I could get the dirt out of the inside. Then I poured some bleach mixed with water in a spray bottle and scrubbed it down. 

I had some mold paint kicking around so I decided to use that although any paint will do. It helped to have a sponge paint brush also, because it could get paint into the small spaces inside!