Treasures I Found

Dan and I found some amaaaazing thirft stores while we were on the East Coast. While being on a tight budget it was nice to shop somewhere we could always afford to buy something! Plus it's our favorite thing. When I got home from our road trip one of the first things I did was organize our room. We decided when we were in Melbourne that we would be staying here until December, so it was time to get a bit more settled. It's only 8 months so obviously big purchases are out of the question, amazingly we have a free bed, and Dan's brother found us a free dresser while we were away so that's all covered! But me being the person I am can't just live somewhere and not decorate a bit... 

So here are a few treasures we found.

Everything here (including the duvet cover) came to under $15! We found a few great Thrift Stores where we got books for ten cents and all clothing was a dollar! I bought a few cute sweaters, dresses, and shoes (Aussy vintage collection perhaps?) We found that lamp for free and picked up a few cute keepsakes to bring back home, like those measuring cups I can't wait to use when I have a kitchen, and the old shotglass with Sydney Harbour drawn on it, perfect. 

I love this 'Touring Maps' Case, I put all our maps we collected in it, and it was only 25 cents!