DIY // Gold Studded Slippers

I've had my eye on a pair of glitter flats, and a pair of studded slippers from topshop... I was so pleased that I was able to combine the two for under $20! 

Lindsay and I (Bethany) saw our friend Amanda last week and she was wearing these gold glitter slippers, we loved them, and loved them even more when she said they were from Payless! Lindsay was in the mall on tuesday and being the awesome friend she is, bought a pair for both of us!! (Hint: She found the same ones in the kids secion for $10 less! I wear a size 8 womens and a size 5 kids fits perfect!)

You can buy studs at fabric stores, craft stores, or order them online. They have sharp foldable ends on the back which makes it really easy to just push through the shoe!