Mmm Monday // Moo-less Chocolate (Tofu) Pie

Here is a No-Bake, Dairy Free, Low Calorie Chocolate Pie!

And trust me.. i do not like Tofu.. and this is AMAZING. I tested it with a few friends, and they all loved it. Plus, its super simple to make, only Two simple steps!


13 ozs. chocolate chips
1/3 cup raspberry liqueur (or whatever you, orange..etc)
1 tsp vanilla

Melt Chocolate chips, liqueur and vanilla in a double- boiler over medium heat 



1lb. Silken Tofu (soft)
1 tbsp. honey and a dab of vanilla
Melted Chocolate mixture

Combine tofu, honey, and vanilla in blender
Add chocolate mixture
Mix well.

Pour into store bought chocolate crumb crust-Chill for 2 hours


TRUST ME.. This is worth trying!!