Caramel Apples // Memories


Do you ever make caramel apples?? They are sooooo delicious! You can get caramel wrap in most produce sections!

 Everyweek Lindsay, David, and I have bachelor night. We sit on our bed (because our downstairs Apple TV is currently being disobedient) eat dinner, treats, and squeal at the tv for 2 hours. For last nights bachelor night I picked up the goods to make caramel apples, because that is a fond memory for the three of us! When Lindsay and I first started hanging out with David we had a night where we made caramel apples... I dug up more old photos from that day before David and I were even dating! 

At Walmart buying the caramel.

My hair used to be super short!

This is a photo from a video we made that night! (don't make fun of us, it was a long time ago..) You can see lindsay take this photo in the video.

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