Valentines Week // Packaging

A few packaging ideas for V-Day! 

1. These little paper bags are sooo cute!! They're form my new favourite store called Daiso, a friend took me there to go shopping for christmas stockings. Its a Japanese Dollar store, they literally have EVERYTHING and its all cute, and $2! you must go. 

2. I love brown paper. looks so simple, and cool (You get rolls of it from Walmart).I also am so obsessed with this stamp set that I got for Christmas. They carry them at Indigo/Chapters. And I also used these fun Washi Japanese tapes that I ordered from etsy a couple weeks ago, they have sooo many colours and they're a cool paper like texture. You can just go crazy with them to brighten up your packaging. 

3. I discovered that a tuna can is the perfect size for gifting cookies! just cut a square of fabric or parchment and tie it around the top! (I didnt want to add that part becuase then you wouldnt see the can!)

4. I know... A vitamin holder? Yeah! Why just one day of love? why not a week? wrap it up with a cute little note for each day, and maybe a hersey's kiss!  


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