Instaweek // A week of "New"

1. We finally got our new business cards! We were soooo excited!!! We instagramed it all the way to Aussi for tegan to see, and she was stoked!

2. This picture warms my heart, my nephew Luca painted it for me and I wake up to it every morning, so precious. (lindsay)

3.This dog! I saw it in Vancouver out when Tegan and I were delivering feathers to Lut Boutique! Beautiful creature.

4. Snow! How I miss the Snow!! We got our car stuck in it... :( 

5. I tried out Henna Hair Dye on the Blog! Check it!

6. Floating Lantern.. First one I have ever watched in real life. The only other time would be when I would play the N64 game Harvest moon.  It made me feel like I was in the game. Very magical. ha! 

7. David made a bit of a scavenger hunt of candy around our house... I keep finding more! I also went to bed with a very full/sick tummy! David was telling me "oh good, now your probably gonna get a belly ache!" (bethany) Watch this!

8.Got these "whiskey stones" from Indigo, frozen soapstone that didn't dilute the drink!9. Before picture.  I Decided to finally tackle my closet! (Bethany)

9. Before picture. Decided to finally tackle my closet!

10. Almost there!! (Bethany)