Travels // 3 Weeks In Perth



Hello from the land down under! I am so excited to be blogging again, we're settled in my brother-in-law and his wife's house in Perth, Western Australia, but in a few days we'll be in eastern Australia (so excited!) living the "backpacker's dream". (I'll explain)

We arrived 3 weeks ago and have been feeling so relaxed. It is a crazy thing to work so hard and be so busy for almost a year, and then get on a plane, fly half way around the world, and suddenly everything for us is so different. No phone, no internet, no car, no plans. It's pretty trippy. The last few weeks have been filled with meeting family, visiting family, staying with grandparents, eating Oma's delicious cooking, a few trips to the beach (not enough), tons of walking(mostly to op shops AKA thrift stores), laying by the pool, shopping, and lots of movies (particularly Star Wars). We have been loving it.

  On Monday we fly to Sydney for at least a month, we're getting on a train from the airport and we'll be on our way to buy a van! We are so excited, this has always been something we've wanted to do, whether it's traveling Canada or the US,  but never even thought of doing it over here! We went on Craigslist a couple of days ago to look at cars to possibly buy over there and drive back at the end of our trip and this van was the first one to come up! "The Backpackers Dream" was the name of the ad. It's got beds and camping gear! Within hours he had replied back and we booked our flights for Monday! Our plans are to go strait up to the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise & Byron Bay), then work our way down and stay in Melbourne visiting some friends and family there and then cross the Nullarbor Plain on our way back to Perth. We're so excited to see what adventures happen and opportunities come our way! I'm thinking lots and lots of beaches!

Your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated! For our safety, and that this van takes us everywhere we plan to go (and hopefully we hit no kangaroos)! xoxo