Instaweek // Good People + Good Places + Good Food


1. Walked through my backyard into my sisters backyard saturday morning for some German Oven pancakes. (dont worry thats nothing like a dutch oven ;)

2. It was my brother-in-law Matt's Birthday. My beloved stamp collection came in handy once again for cake decor.

3. Had dinner with some great friends! 

4. After dinner we played a very intense game of Taboo. I dont wanna brag, but I scored quite a few points for the ladies side!

5. I went to Old Bellingham twice this week, such a cute town!

6. Just some Kalos packaging. Excited about having new business cards! 

7. David and I went to Menchie's Frozen Yogurt for the first time. Don't even get me started.

8. Yum! Sourdough bagel with Lox cream cheese. So many shades of salmon pink in this pic! 

9. My mommy brought me a Chai Tea yesterday :)

10. Made Homemade candles, Post to come next week!