DIY // Painted-Typo Flag

You will need: Cross Stitch Fabric, Paint, Sharpie, Scissors, a Stick, Paper with your saying printed on it to trace, tape or pins.

Place printed paper under the cross-stitch fabric and trace with a light coloured sharpie

Get gutsy and do some free hand

Fill in the letters with paint, going over the traced lines

With a ruler, mark the center point along the bottom edge

Again with a ruler mark about 4 inches up from the bottom along the long sides

Connect the side dots to the bottom dot, to give a line to cut along

Cut along the inside of the line

Go find a stick in the dark and scary woods... tape the top of the flag to the stick and wrap it around a couple times. 

Tape it, or pin it to the wall. and Ta-Da! 


photo from our instagram @treasuresandtravels

As you can see in the instagram photo, I ended up cutting slits in the top and weaving the stick through. My washi tape wasn't holding to is stuck some pins in the wall to rest the stick on!