Happy Birthday to our Dearest Lindsay!!


Today is Lindsay's Twenty Second Birthday!
I (Bethany) am going to give you twenty two facts/things I love about Lindsay... okay, here we go: 

1. She has a roaring tiger tattooed on her ass

2. anything she finds, anywhere, she can make so special. 

3. She is a wonderful singer

4. her favourite colour is aqua (I'm pretty sure)

5. She likes anything gold and glittery

6. she never wears nail polish

7. she had her lip pierced

8. she had her belly button pierced

9. she used to have really long red hair 

10. she keeps everything special to her in her pockets

11. she locks her keys in her car a lot

12. she wants to be a cobbler

13. she is wonderful at befriending strangers

14. she loves mermaids

15. she loves space

16. as of today she has a star named after her

17. she loves thrift stores

18. she applied at ihop when she was 15 and they laughed at her :(

19. she started a facebook group in high school called "I think Simba is a hot lion" 

20. She stalked Jason Mraz

21. she lovesss candy

22. she will be the greatest friend to you!


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