Lately Doings

November has been one crazy month for me (tegan) over here in Perth! we were house sitting for a month which was amazing, having our own space for the first time in a year (wow) so good. We had a few trips to the airport ot pick up Dan's sister, mum & dad, so good having a taste of home! So many family dinners, get togethers, bbq's, it's all starting to wrap up to the end of our amazing Australian adventure! We are filming Dan's cousin's wedding on Saturday, we are so excited and a bit nervous. We're going down south next week for a mini vacation to see some amazing beaches and wineries! 3 more weeks 'til we leave the country and travel many hours to VANCOUVER! We couldnt' be more excited and more ready to come home. I can't wait to be reunited with my Kalos girls and family and get into the Christmas spirit (it's quite hard to with this whole summer thing going on over here).

We wrote this song about coming home to White Rock, it gets us in the cozy wintery mood!