DIY // Bleaching Fabric // Guest Post: Lauren Christofferson

Supplies needed: Bleach, a plastic tub or bucket (I've chosen to reuse a kitty litter container), rubber gloves, and a protective mask


step 1: I always like to fold my fabric in half, this gives it a symmetrical design when its bleached. Think Rorschach inkblot tests! Very neat.

step 2: Then run the fabric under water, not so it's soaking, just so there are damps spots. The places where it is wet will spread the bleach out more, making the design really interesting.

step 3: Place the damp fabric flat in your bucket and scrunch it up! This also creates a cool effect in your design (lots of cool effects are happening in this process).

step 4: Safety first! You should always wear gloves and a protective mask when using bleach, it can be very harmful. I am confident in my bleaching abilities, but if you're a bit spilly, maybe wear clothes that you save for craft time.  

step 5: In a well ventilated area, start pouring in the bleach! Depending on how you want your design you could do tiny bursts of bleach, or big pours that make big splashes. You could even use a spray bottle and make a splatter design. The possibilities are endless!

step 6: Give a little shake with the lid on and ta da! You're done! (for now)

step 7: Now you play the waiting game. I usually wait 15-20 mins, it really depends on how concentrated you want your design to be.

step 8 and 9: After you are satisfied with your fabric, take it out of the tub! Then it's good to give it a little rinse in the sink before throwing it in the washing machine.

After it's washed and dried, this is what it looks like! I love how it turned out. I have to say, bleaching fabric is one of my favourite things to do, it's like a science experiment. You never know what colours are going to turn up, every black is different for some reason. 

Now what you do with your fabric is up to you! I made some tank tops and maxi dresses out of my fabric during the summer, they were so perfect for the hot sunny days. The dress pictured on the right was my favourite of all time. It looks like a jack o lantern!! (I think so at least)

My name is Lauren Christoffersen and my nickname since I was young, given to me by my sister, was Loo Loo. So it seemed perfect to name my clothing line just that! I love to sew and create new things, whether it be from scratch or taking something old and making it new and unique. After taking sewing classes all throughout high school, I took the fashion design course at Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver. I am currently living in Nelson BC, a beautiful little mountain town right on a lake, full of delicious coffee, amazing scenery and wonderful people to keep me inspired.

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