Mmm Monday // Cured Cherrywood Smoked Bacon

Our good friend Denon Vipond always has a new ideas & projects on the go. If he sees something he likes, he is determined to find out how to make it himself! Its inspiring! Here is a crazy recipe to make your OWN cured bacon. 

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I found the inspiration to make my move into home curing from On The Anatomy Of Thrift, using their guidelines and some additional information from other internet sources I've compiled this simple recipe. The result was something really special, more tender and smokey than store bought bacon, and of course more natural and... healthy..?

All you need is; 

Pork Belly

I wanted to keep this simple, no fancy pink curing salts here. There are no wrong answers! It's just fun.  

*Fun fact; "It's just fun." was the official slogan of the The National Bacon Council from 1976-1991

 - I started with a 3lb piece of pork belly from my local butcher, I then mixed a dry rub cure of about 50% salt and 50% sugar to sufficiently coat the meat (I used raw cane sugar and sea salt) which I then rubbed all over the surface of my belly. My pork belly, that is. 

-Leave the meat until liquid begins to pool on the surface at which point you'll drain that off and re-apply a small amount of cure.

-Put that piece of salty meat in your fridge for about seven days, it's going to turn a little more brown and a little more stiff over that time. You may use that time to sun bathe or go for bike rides, get a little more brown and stiff yourself. 

-After a week your pork belly should be cured, rinse off the excess salt under the tap and dry it. 

-Now it is time to smoke your bacon. I smoked mine in my backyard on my grill with cherry wood. You can use any wood you like, I used cherry because it seemed somewhat unique and local but any fruit wood will be excellent. Apple, maple, alder.. You're in charge! 

-Try to keep the grill at around 250℉ and smoke your bacon until it's internal temperature reaches 150℉, for me that took about 3 hours. Take it inside, remove the skin, let it cool, slice it, fry it, sandwich it. Whatever you want, it's your bacon. 

*Not an actual fact