Instacrush // @sfawnd

Fawn's 10 random facts:

//One// Full name is Shaylah Fawn but I prefer Fawn since that's what my grandfather called me

//Two// I can't go to sleep in an un-made bed

//Three// Distantly related to Abraham Lincoln

//Four// I'm obsessed with the number 4

//Five// I could easily live off of bread, cheese, and wine.

//Six// I do water aerobics with (hilarious) 70-80 year olds 4 days a week

//Seven// I have a whole closet just for my cardigans

//Eight// I always have fresh flowers & lemons in my house

//Nine// I want to have a photo shoot with my grandma on top of Mount Denali in Alaska

//Ten// My favorite quote, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Leonardo Da Vinci