Mmm Monday // Rainbow Cupcakes

Mmm Monday! I made these cupcakes over the weekend for a big extended family Christmas get-together we had. I really wanted to make something fun and yummy that the kids would love! I mixed together a few different ideas I found on Pinterest and came up with these! 

Step 1: Cake Mix
I was under a verrrry tight time limit and haven't made cupcakes in a while so I used Betty Crocker's (no fail) white cake mix, so yum! I mixed it all up and separated the mix into 4 different bowls (you can do however many you want, depending on how many different colours you want to use for layering) 

2. Layering
Next you scoop as evenly as possible (I didn't do very good this time!) the batter into the cupcake pans layer by layer. It's fine if they're not perfect, once they're baked and iced they all look the same!

3. Bake 
Just follow the recipe!

4. Icing - Yumm
I used Betty Crocker icing as well, Cream Cheese, it was delicious, I scooped out most of it and mixed it with blue food colouring and saved a bit of it for white fluffy clouds. Ta-Da! Rainbow Cupcakes! My nieces were all over these, they could not wait to get their little hands on these.


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