DIY // Zap-Strap Light


This fall David and I were in the Anthrolpologie in Arizona, and we saw this awesome light fixture! As we looked at it closer, we realized that it was all Zap-straps! Such a cool idea! So, we thought, we can make this! And we finally did... 

What you will need:

An old lamp shade the size you want your fixture to be (I found this one for $2 at the thrift store)

Chicken Wire

Zap Straps

and wire cutters

Step 1 

Remove the top prongs from the lamp shade, and cut the chicken wire so it fits around perfectly. Allowing one row of wire squares to overlap, so that you can join them together. 

Step 2

Start by using Zap-straps to secure the top of the lamp shade to the wire form. 

Step 3

Start Zap-Straping! put a zap-strap on every wire square. TIP start at the bottom and work your way up (learn from our mistake) then you wont be digging through all the other zap-straps trying to find the wire!


The original in Anthropologie