Casual weekday

Hey everyone! Its wednesday! Crazy, this new year has fully begun! So much to look forward to! Well, today im staying at home, working on some new ideas.. so I decided to stay comfy and casual!


tee-shiiiirt- Auburn Boyish Crop top found at Value Village in Ontario! Super excited when I found this. Love                      this colour.

Pants- These pants have been in my drawer for a couple years, and havent pulled them out until today! I                    wore them 2 years ago almost everyday. They are High-waisted, and Im pretty sure I got them at                    Urban Outfitters in a sale for $10! They are great, I dont know why I havent worn them in a while!

Socks- Got these on tour in Montreal, It was such a cold day and I needed new socks, so my friend Grant                    found these for me. My feet could then stand the cold. They are soo comfy! 

Deodorant- Dont laugh at me for putting my deodorant up there.. BUT REALLY it smells so good, and it                         happens to be my all-time favourite smell (besides my favourite hypnotic poison perfume..story told                 here) Cucumber Melon is this deodorant. Mmmmm. Smell it! Almost anywhere you go, you can find                 this scent. (candles, lipgloss, dad recently bought me the room airfreshener!! Simply because             i kept taking him down the same isle two or three times making him smell it off the shelf over and                   over) *made by Dove

Lip Balm- ORANGE lip balp "baume pour les levres" balm for the lips- With Vitamin C! I got this at the dollar                store because my lips were hurting so bad! (kinda like Napoleon Dyno) I am realizing a lot of the                      things i buy are out of desperate lifesaving need...ha! (its kinda oily though.. wouldnt recommend                    unless in desperate need with a loonie in your pocket)

Mysterious black box- Okay, these are super cool!! They are called "Atomic Toothy Tabs" by Lush. They are                    small tooth-cleaning tablets.. to replace tooth paste! You put the toothy tabs in your mouth and crush              them up with your teeth.. they begin to foam when you add water with your tooth brush.. I think its                the same idea as cleaning your teeth with baking soda.. but this tastes much better.. and its organic                and healthy.. and a fun way to change up brushing your teeth! These toothy tabs are flavored with a                clovey spice, its sooo nice. They are super affordable! Take a closer look at them here!!

Necklace- This Necklace I got from Bethy for my birthday! She knows I loooooove Tigers and she put this tiger                 pendant on a thin gold chain. I love it! Thanks bethy boo!

Boots- These boots are fun, I got them at Value Village in Lethbridge, Alberta a few months ago! The colour is              so cool, and different for boots. I felt a bit insecure wearing cowboy boots, but im starting to warm up                to the idea! I love the look.