Henna Hair Color

This was the first time I used Lush CACA BRUN Henna Hair Color! 

"Naturally enriches mousy hair into rich, dark brown tones. Cocoa butter and Persian henna are blended into conditioning blocks with essential oils and herbs for a healthy scalp"

Check it out all of Lush's Henna Hair Color, 

This is the one I purchased for my dark hair. 

It was super easy, and It dried very quickly so it was easy to clean up- and it didnt stain for at least 20 minutes after application, so you have time to clean the floors, and your ears!

I left my dye in for almost two hours! It really freshened up my color, but didnt change it drastically, which I liked. When you placed they dye on your head, it was super thick.. eventually it became incredibly stiff, yet was easy to wash out. Also, the color darkens within the next few days! 

I loved this product. Super easy for doing it yourself, at home!

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