Stained Glass / Stencil Book Covers

Lately I have been so excited and inspired by certain Quotes,  and this one in perticular  is found in the Bible, Matthew 6:21.

I absolutely love Bethany's DIY that she put in her kitchen, check it out here! 

I grew up in a church that my Grandfather built, and recently our Stained Glass Window that went half way across the ceiling cracked! It ended up breaking and falling onto the stage, awaiting repair. 

My Father let me gather some of the extra stained glass, and I am excited to use it on my house oneday. As for now, it will do as a treasury window display!


Lately I have been stamping everything, such a cool way to make things unique, and personal to you. This box of stamps was found at Chapters, and You can buy it online here!

I happen to have a lot of old books, I love them (not that I read them.. unfortunately) But I just love the look of old books! So, took one that matched my room and Stamped one of my favourite quotes on it. 

A cute, easy way to personalize.. well.. anything!

I took the box of Stained glass, wiped them off and set them on my window sill (they were FILTHY!)