DIY // Tree Trunk Table

There was this huge dead tree in our yard, and with how windy it gets, we and our neighboors were worried about it crashing through one of our houses at night! So we got it cut down, which was very exciting for me.. because now I have all these stumps of wood!! 
I did my first DIY with one today, a very simple Tree Trunk Table (Please excuse my lack of baseboards... thats on the to-do list!)

I got these legs for a table last week at Ikea for $5!

All I did was put these legs together, and then lift that outrageously heavy stump on top!

You can pretty much drive around the wooded areas of White Rock, and find stumps on lots that most people want to get rid of, Or try checking craigslist for people getting rid of them! Hopefully you can find one, cause this was a super easy DIY... and who doesn't want a side table for $5!