Deal of the Week // Giveaway // Head Scarf

Our usual wednesday ritual is "Whatcha Wearing Wednesday", But we've decided to switch that to something a little more fun! We are now hunting for a great deal everyweek and giving it away! This is where you'll find something super cute for an amazing price, at stores that you can find all over! This Item will also be given away, sweet deal eh!  So lets start it off this week with this gorgeous head scarf from H&M.

Head Scarf - H&M $5.95


How to tie a Head Scarf: 

1. Tie a knot in front

2. Tie another knot

3. Tuck the ends into the sides 

// Giveaway //

All you have to do to be entered in to recieve this head scarf is share this blog post on facebook, and make sure to tag Kalos in your post, So that we can see who has shared it! Note: You have to 'like' the Kalos Facebook Page in order to tag us. 

This is the link to share:


Thank you to our beautiful model Brittany!