Travels // Northern California

California! My heart feels so at home whenever I'm in that State. Growing up, my Grandparents lived in Southern Cali so every summer our family would pile into our mini van and drive down for a few weeks. Disneyland was always the featured event on our trip, I so can't wait to do that when we have kidlets! This was our first road trip together and it was so fun. We didn't make it south enough to do Disney, but that trip will happen, not yet though.

Our destination was Redding, we woke up hours before the sun and pretty much fought the whole way there. Oh gotta love it. We've been taking a course at a church in Cloverdale so we were so excited to get away and get inspired and meet the pastors who designed the course and just experience a place we've heard so many great things about! Boy did we get what we asked for! It was so encouraging, and we did NOT fight once the whole drive home.

1. Mount Shasta! The sun shone in Redding, such a nice break from Vancouver rain.

2. We are big In N Out fans, so we were excited to find one so close to us!

3. I was ecstatic when I found out there was a big Craft Bazaar held at the college while we were there! It was the perfect place to get started on my Christmas shopping.

4. I fell in love with all the art by a young guy named Peter Mattis. We sooo contemplated buying this owl painting, hopefully one day when we have walls to fill we will own it or one like it, I'll definitely be emailing him.

5. Writing songs with my talented husband 

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