It's been a good year.

Wow, as we near the last hours of 2011 I'm in a very reflective mood, I sat down and started my DIY post on making cute tea cup candles but I think I'll save that one and instead share some highlights from this year, lots of awesome stuff has happened for us and for Kalos too, so I'll mesh them all together and do a top 10! (In absolutely no particular order!)

1. BOWS happened. In September Lindsay started making bowties. They are so fun. We decided to do them with elastic so that they could also be used for headbands and hair pieces, I love them, Dan has a few and we share them, it's perfect! I can't wait to see more bowties this spring, she's got some good fabrics and prints that are just fabulous. Bethany started the Bow Collection this winter as well, they are adorable and I wear them often.  Five dollars of every purchase goes to the Pregnancy Options Center, an amazing organization that Bethany's sister, Megan, is involved in.

2. This has been an exciting year getting Kalos feathers and vintage accessories into STORES. Thank you so much to Lüt  Boutique, Mystique Hair Design, Crush Clothing, Small Ritual Coffee Society, Casbah Evolution , and PoshShop. 

 3. Bethany got MARRIED!  July 16 she changed her name from Dudar to Menzel. Bethany married the man of her dreams, David Menzel the handsome guitarist of We Are The City. They're perfect for eachother, and their wedding reflected them perfectly. It was such a gorgeous, fun, elegant, lovely wedding. There was lots of sparkle, antlers, flowers, wine, photographers, friends, family, and, of course - donuts!

4.  Folk Fest. This was our second year participating, and it was so different from last year. We were just as successful, but it rained, it poured. We got soaked, but still had a lot of fun. We missed Bethany, because it was the same weekend as her wedding, so she was a little occupied!
Linds and I had a lot of fun though, we met lots of awesome people and it was so cool to have people come shop who had remembered us from last year and the year before!

5. Dan's CD Release! This event is definitely a highlight for me. My husband Dan printed up his album "On Our Way"  in the spring, but was too busy to plan a release party for it, so we decided to host one and sell Kalos at the same time! We did it in Bethany & David's backyard, and it was so perfect, a warm summer night, balloons, candles, cupcakes, lemonade and music! Dan used to play in the Vancouver band Hey Ocean, so he's still good friends with them and David Vertesi of the band came and opened for Dan, it was so good. 
 6. Lindsay joined the band Behind Sapphire in January and did so much touring! Across Canada twice and even to China for a few weeks! You can read a bit of their crazy adventures here!  
7. Stylust magazine
did a editorial on Kalos and we got to come along for the photo shoot, photos were done by Mark Anthony, he took some amazing shots. It was a gorgeous warm day in Stanley park, and it was our first time doing something like this, it was a lot of fun!
8.  We also had a lot of fun photo shoots. Our sunrise summer photo shoot with Kelsey, Christmas photo shoot with a bunch of our friends, and for the first time we had product photos done by Bethany Olson.  It was a blast driving down to Seattle with Dan, Bethany and David for the evening to take photos!

9. Our second annual Kalos Open House was a lot of fun this year! Lots of girls came and shopped, Dan, Linds & I sung some Christmas tunes, we had tons of yummy baking! This is one event I'm already looking forward to putting on next year!

10.  This BLOG! We've been talking for a long time about taking this blog more seriously. We were hugely inspired by blogs like Bleubird, All Things Carly, and The Rockstar Diaries. Bethany worked lots of hours desigining and planning how we can make a blog that's interesting to read, pretty to look at and full of creativity! I think that she did an amazing job, and I can't wait to see where it goes! We just want a place where we can share what we do and things we make, and places we travel and things we see. Our hope is that it inspires you to be creative, and to do what you love to do. I think 2012 is going to hold a lot of exciting things for us 3 and hopefully for you as well! We love your feedback and encouraging words, comments, and emails, and we want to thank you SO much for that. 

Thank YOU!

Love Tegan, Lindsay and Bethany - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!