Rainy December Day

Well, My outfit today is pretty Christmassy.. But hey, its still December right! Plus, its sooo rainy outside, so i decided to dress warm, but this Red Coat makes my outfit a bit more classy!


Pants: Black, High-wasted from Forever 21. I was sooo excited when I finally found highwasted pants that fit              me, and it was in Santa Monica this summer on a vacation with my family :)

Top: Cream Lacey off the shoulders crop top. My little sister Vanessa gave this to me when she came over for           Christmas dinner! Im pretty sure she thrifted it, because I dont recognize the tag.

Coat: This adorable Red coat is very Madeline.. My friend Grant bought it for me for my birthday and Hung it              over a chandelier outside! It fits perfect with three-quarter length arms ( i think it was a little girls jacket          because of the way the arms fit, but it happens to work perfectly! )

Necklace: I love this! I got it for $6 dollars at an outdoor market when I was on tour with my band in China! It                is like a marble, but it has a working clock inside, and on the back you can see through it to all the                    clockwork. Very magical.

Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous Original. My Favooooorite mascara of all time. If I stay the night somewhere,                       sometimes i forget to bring my toothbrush, but i never forget this mascara.

Belt: Black Velvet & Gold, I wear this all the time, its getting so worn! *Thrifted

Shoes: Value Village. My band had a wedding to go to, and we all didnt have any clothes to wear, so we ran to               Value Village and quickly picked out some outfits!! These shoes one of the boys brought to me, but                   they were too big, so I had to stuff LOTS toilet paper in the toes! They are very Granny, but i like them

Perfume: Dior Hypnotic Poison. This perfume has a funny story. A few years back I was looking for a long time                  to find "my scent" - it was so important to me in highschool, haha! So for a while I wore Cotton                        Candy perfume from Walmart, and the boys loved it- maybe a bit too much, they would always steal                it from my locker! Anyway, I worked at Starbucks and this old cranky lady would come in every day,                she was incredibly rude, but I would always look forward to her coming in, because she Smelt SOO                    GOOD- and I thought, I HAD to get this perfume. So I asked her, and she told me it was Hypnotic                    poison.. the name sure served it right! Although I get made fun of for the name quite often!