Kalos Open House

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas Eve!! 

only 1 more day!!

Last weekend was so much fun, I definitely got into the Christmas spirit!! 

It was our 2nd annual Kalos Christmas Open house!

The night was full of yummy goodies, warm drinks, Tons of shopping, and Some amazing tunage.


Daniel Klenner provided the chill christmas tunes- Tegan and I also joined for a few!

Bethany made some amazing desserts, including chocolate covered pretzels (my favourite)

Tegan made some homemade Baileys (see blog previous blog post on the how-to's) and our lovely sister in law Rebekka, and our Mother made some wonderful candy-cane cupcakes and chocolate puffed wheat squares.. mmmm!!!

 So many people helped out with the night (Including these little ones), and we were very grateful.

It was so fun to be able to share this Christmas evening with everyone, and have so many Vintage, Feathers, and Treasures to share!