Instaweek // It's almost here!


1. This is Sophie! Such a sweet and cuddly dog that we're babysitting for 3 weeks.

2. I made Christmas Cards! As you may have seen here

3. Mailing Christmas cards, Isn't it so exciting to see a christmas card in the mailbox?!

4.The Christmas David and I started dating he was working at Art Knapp's in the Christmas Trees, So we go back there for free apple cider and to smell all the trees for good memories!

5. Ikea Morning! I was the keener waiting for them to open. 

6. A very successful day of thrifting

7. Uncle Buck was feeling rather festive

8. Tagging racks of clothes for the Kalos Open House 

9. Dan and Tegan sang so great at the Open House, they're basically a cooler She & Him.

10. This morning went for a walk with Sophie by the water, So calm.