DIY // Aztec Shoes

I was looking at the pretty Carly Kymta Blog and saw these super cute moccasins in her latest Friday Favourites, and thought... I think I could do that! 

So, I grabbed a pair of plain slip-on shoes, that I actually bought for $4 at Forever 21 when I was walking around Times Square and the sole of my boot completely fell off!(It wasn't the first time but i thought I would give them one more try)

I just used acrylic paints, I googled what kind of paint you could use on shoes and most answers said acrylic, which is great becuase they dry super fast! 

I copied the design in the picture almost exact because free hand aztec is not my forte, I've tried. 

I'm happy with how they turned out, makes the plain slip ons a little more fun! 


The Inspiration

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