Instaweek // Welcoming December

A friday tradition, My week in Instagrams

1. Christmas baking day at my moms house. Thats my mom! 

2. We are serious about our shortbread, that table just kept getting more and more full.

3. My sister, Megan-Jane, making mini brownies.. mmm! 

4. Granville Island. Went down to help a friend with a school project. Its such a cool place, they have a mrket with fritters bigger than your face! It is amazing!

5. First Christmas cup this year! Salted Caramel Apple Spice. Nothing better.

6. My Nana gave me her spoon collection to make Kalos necklaces!  

7. My advent Calendar! You can see how to make your own here!

8. This was wednesday, the outfit that we featured this week in my Whatcha Wearing Wednesday.

9. The Bow Collection, I was tagging everything because we sold Kalos product that night a White Rock The Oh Wells show. 

10. I got the cross stitched sign that was alwasy in my room growning up, so cute.