DIY // Advent Calendar

Its December! 

We all know what that means.. chocolate everymorning until christmas! I love advent calendars, getting those cute character ones from walmart. But, this year I decided to something a little different. So here it is.. my clothesline advent calendar.


How to print onto the tiny little envelopes

Step 1: Make a template in your word document choose the font and size you want for your numbers, and then lay them out 6 per page. Print onto a normal piece of printer paper. 


Step 2: With scotch tape, tape down an envelope centered over each number with a small piece of tape at the top and bottom (make sure its really smooth so it doesnt get caught in the printer.)

Step 3: Put paper back into the printer tray whichever it works so that it prints out on to the envelopes (varies for each printer) Then print the same page again. 

Repeat for numbers up to 24. You might need to make the font slightly smaller for double-digit numbers.



Thats all! Then just fill the envelopes with chocolate, or candies. and hang from string with clothes-pegs!