Instaweek // It's that time of year


1. My brother & sister in-law arrived from Australia this week, lots of family fun!

2. Handsome husband with his father and brother, ready to head downtown for a fancy dinner and Handels' Messiah.

3. I was scared my in-laws would think I was strange in my vintage faux-fur. but they loved it, and it kept me ever so warm.

4. I LOVED the bathroom at the Wedgewood Hotel. So antique and pretty.

5. We had some amazing frosty days this week. Went for a run and spent half my time taking pictures of frosty things.

6. I love this store. I spent forever looking at their stamps and pretty crafty things early this week, found some very cool stamps!

7. I gave myself tattoos. (I gave my dad one too).

8. Making feather rainbows.

9. Andy Bird.

10. Practicing Christmas songs and drinkin' wine with the husband.