Whatcha Wearing Wednesday // Theatre Preppy

      My husband was playing a show downtown Vancouver,  I guess this outfit choice was approrpriate with theatre-esc blazer and collared shirt. Last night time I wore a collared shirt and preppy sweater to a show I got asked about 20 times where the bathroom was.. Luckily this time no one thought I worked there!  


Blazer: H&M Winter 2010

Jeans: High wasited Forever 21 (wear these pretty much everyday!) 

Socks: Walmart (I have to pull these out every winter!) 

Shirt: Husbands dress shirt H&M

Perfume: Betsey Johnson (not kidding this is the only perfume that smells good on me, my sister would back me up on that one!) 

Hair: Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair, Dry Shampoo (Adds body and keeps your hair from looking greasy, if your like me and like to take an extra few days between washes)

Lips: Revlon's Really Red (This is my fav! Im all about red lips, getting ready for my wedding I had my make-up all done, and then just had to add on this lipstick! as you can see its almost gone, and its not that easy to use up lipstick.)

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