Mmm Monday // Sweet Bows


I was talking to Tegan about shortbread and naturally (with her obsession) she said to make bows! I don't have a bow cookie cutter so I was trying to think of ways I could make bows, and decided to pipe the dough!

I placed the dough in piping bag (could also use a large ziplock) and cut off the tip to the width I wanted the bows to be. 

The dough was a bit tough to squeeze out at first so I put the bag of dough in the microwave for 5-10 seconds whenever it started to get too firm. 

Then after I dipped them in melted white chocolate melting chips! mmm! 


Delcious & simple shortbread recipe

 4 cups all purpose flour

 1 cup powdered sugar

 1 lb (one block) softened butter


 - Mix all ingredients together

 - Place cookies on a greased or parchment paper lined baking sheet

 - Baking time depends on the size of your cookies, for my little bows it took only 4 minutes.